Evaluations and Analyses


Evaluations and evaluations on interreligious, intercultural and other projects and programs are carried out in Denmark and abroad.


Previous jobs

"The 2006 Assessment and Structural Review of Danmission’s Involvement in Bangladesh through Bangladesh Lutheran Church and Bangladesh Lutheran Mission – Danish,January 30 – February 10, 2006"

Evaluation of "I Mesterens Lys" (a program for dialogue with new religious groups in Denmark) for Areopagos, 2004


Evaluation of "Mødestedet. Kirkens Indvandrerarbejde på Vesterbro" (The Meeting Point. Work among Immigrations on Vesterbro, Copenhagen) (maj 2004). Diakoni, integration og religionsmøde på Vesterbro. 2004

Analys of elements of the work of the programs of "Kristelig Fagbevægelse" (Christian Workers Union) 2003.

Analysi of the work of Danmission in Tanzania, Cambodia and Pakistan. 2002 Danmission in Africa and Asia. 2002. Dowload.

Evaluation of mission work of MELM in Mali - conducted with Jan Opsal, Norway, and Daniel Dama, Benin. 2001. Evangelisation and Churchbuilding in MELM. 2000. Download