From Cartoon Crisis to Head Scarf Row


Author: Mogens S. Mogensen
Title:    From Cartoon Crisis to 
Headscarf Row.
Two Conflicts Changing  
Multi-religious Denmark
Place of publication:  
Christiansfeld, DK
Pages: 93
Price:   Euro 18,50 / DKK 150
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Why was it that Denmark became the centre of the cartoon crisis of 2005 which in 2006 developed into an international crisis between Muslim countries and the West? Why was it that – in a liberal country such as Denmark which was among the first countries to accept women to be seen topless – we, in 2007, experienced headscarf row about to how great an extent Muslim women should be allowed to cover themselves?



“From Cartoon Crisis to Headscarf Row” seeks to describe and analyse these two conflicts and the responses to them from various political and religious groups and to reflect on the significance of these events which attracted worldwide attention.

The book contains the following chapters:
  • Introduction
  • The Cartoon Crisis
  • Dialogue in the Middle East
  • Dialogue in Denmark
  • Recognition, Dialogue and Mission
  • The Headscarf Row
  • Conclusion
These days we experience a continuation of the cartoon crisis as the Danish intelligence service claims that it has uncovered plans by Islamist extremists in Denmark to kill one of the cartoonists. A number of Danish newspapers in solidarity with the cartoonist have responded by reprinting his cartoon of Muhammad, while Muslim groups in different parts of the world begin to demonstrate.
This recent development highlights the significance of the topic of this book

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The author of “From Cartoon Crisis to Headscarf Row”, Mogens S. Mogensen, has a PhD in intercultural studies, is an acknowledged consultant in interreligious and intercultural issues and teaches as a part time lecturer at the University of Copenhagen. He has worked for 10 years in Northern Nigeria and is involved in dialogues between Muslims and Christians in Denmark and internationally (See CV  here). He has written a number of books and articles on Christian-Muslim issues, mission and dialogue, conversion (See list of publications here).
The author offers to give lectures and presentations in English or in Danish about the multi-religious situation in Denmark in which the cartoon crisis and the headscarf row took place: "From mono- to multi-society. Denmark after the Cartoon Crisis".
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